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F&H Outfitters UX/UI

Context and the problem

FH Outfitters is a full line of apparel for hunting, sport fishing, and an active lifestyle. As the lead designer of the Digi-Clicks UX team, I created a User Experience Report to identify the personas and customer journey of the current website, in order to do a full optimization of the page to increase sales directly through their digital platform.


Design Process 

The main pain points of the process were that we had to wait to collect primary data for research, in order to discover a brand-new customer persona, while optimizing a high-level e-commerce website on a restricted CMS. The website had no product categories or clear navigation. Because of this, I focused on conducting secondary research and data analysis of their traffic behavior using Google Analytics.


This project was separated into 3 phases:


1. Research: Secondary Research was conducted as well as an intensive Google Analytics data analysis. Heatmaps were key too, as they provided valuable insights into the user behavior in their website. Based on this data we created Personas and a Customer Journey that allowed the team and the client to better understand their users.


2. Wireframes: Because this project was not a redesign, we simply suggested upgrades and changes in the interface aimed to improve the user experience. To do so, low-fidelity wireframes were created to test the flow and usability of the features added.


3. User Interface Design: After reviewing the data collected from wireframing testing, we moved forward with the design of new features, this included: 


a. More intuitive path for the users to find and purchase a product

b. More clarity in the Product Detail Pages

c. An aesthetic that had a better match with their brand, in order to match the personas we created for them.


Final Solution

Thanks to the user experience research report we could identify the reasons for low sales on their website, using quantitative and qualitative research. We could also recognize the customer personas and their customer journey in order to design a fully optimized website.


Finally, we enhanced and improved the shopping experience for the users with a modern look and clear customer path.


Methodology and tools applied
Secondary Research, Quantitative Data Collection, Qualitative Data Collection, Personas, Customer journeys, Low Fidelity Wireframing, Prototyping, Google Analytics, Heatmaps, XD, Figma, Invision, CrazyEgg.


I can not share the FULL UX Report or any detailed data for privacy and licensing reasons but you can check their website Here


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