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Elections Experience


Context and the problem

This experience map shows what students went through in the 2016 elections in the United States. The intention was to understand how students were coping with the messages and interactions shown during the election time, as well as to help mitigate any negative repercussions in their daily life. This is an overall view based on the interviewed subjects. It is not a generalized perception of the entire community.


Design ProcessĀ 

After we conducted semi-structured interviews with a diverse group of students in terms of race, age, and social status, we were able to collect and analyze data to better understand the emotions, thoughts, and actions of the participants in specific situations with specific messages. Once we had all the clean data, I made the process visual and easy to understand with an Experience Map.


Final Solution

This Experience Map was focused on the overall mood swing of the students depending on the context, company, and messages they were receiving after the election. It also indicated the overall journey to showcase how, despite the negative feelings, there were actions that could be taken to avoid further emotional discomfort.


Methodology and tools applied
Semi-structured Interviews, Adobe Illustrator, Experience Map.