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Digi-clicks Website

Context and the problem

Digi-Clicks is a boutique marketing agency with a fast-paced growth that required a website redesign that reflected its new user-driven mindset. Along with the UX writer, we created an interactive and easy-to-use website that allowed the agency to showcase its personality through its design. 


Design Process 

An extensive UX research was conducted in order to understand their users and what they wanted in their agency. This included secondary research along with collecting and analyzing data from Google Analytics, to understand the market and their current user behavior in the website. 

We also conducted an Open Card Sorting to recognize what type of content should be published and the way it had to be organized to achieve full understanding. We used Tree Testing to check the different Information Architecture variations we came out with. After sorting and analyzing this data, the team conducted Usability Testing with the wireframes to reassure a good user experience.

Once the wireframes were approved we moved forward with the UI design. This part was mainly focused on reflecting interactivity and creativity. Finally, we set up a post-releasing plan which included set up events, flows, and dashboards on Google Analytics to easily track CVR, bounce rate, and exit rate. We also set up heatmaps to complete the post-release quantitative set of data.


Final Solution

This website was designed thinking in interactivity and creativity. A lot of fun interactive experiences were implemented. Though at first, we explored a more simple yet elegant design, we recognized that the users were looking for something different, something that would stand out.

The final design was appealing yet professional. It was easy to use and the margin of error when users were interacting with it was minimal.


Methodology and tools applied
Open Card Sorting, Tree Testing, Information Architecture, Usability Test, Wireframing, Prototyping, Google Analytics, Heatmaps, XD, Figma, Invision, CrazyyEgg, Optimal Workshop.


I can not share the FULL UX Report or any detailed data for privacy and licensing reasons but you can check their website Here

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